I Watch The Disney Channel and I Think I Actually Enjoy It!

As a mom with fibromyalgia, something that’s very difficult for me is to sit or stand for long periods of time.  Often during the day, I just have to sit to get off my feet.  Fortunately, I like to watch TV.  It’s actually one of my favorite past times if watching TV can be considered a past time. I like a good movie too, but unless it’s on Netflix, or at the Redbox, then I probably won’t see it. Unfortunately, the kids have managed to rob me of that joy, along with many of my other hobbies!

Lately, my bedroom has become the new living room.  If the door isn’t locked, then there is no expectation of privacy as far as the kids are concerned.  They just come and go, in and out, whenever they please.  I don’t really mind.  On the rare occasion that I do mind, I actually say “GET OUT” but they never do, so I’ve stopped saying it.

My go to channel any time of day is Bravo, with the exception of any other channel that is having a Law & Order SVU marathon.  I’ve seen every episode of every The Real Housewives of every city.  Recently though I’ve had The Disney Channel on all day, every day.  I pretty much know the whole lineup, but I draw the line at Disney Jr.  That said, I am definitely not a Disney Mom.  Heck, I haven’t even been to Disneyland in years.  It’s way too much walking and standing for me.  I know it’s sad but true.

I don’t like ALL of The Disney Channel shows.  For instance, I’ll change the channel if Stuck in the Middle or Best Friends Whenever comes on.  I don’t think either of those shows will ever grow on me.  As far as Bunk’d goes, I could take it or leave it.

One of my favorites is Dog with a Blog.  It hardly ever comes on anymore.  Now that I think of it, it hasn’t been on for a while.  That’s okay though because I’ve seen every episode about 10 times!  Yep, I’ve seen them all so many times that as soon as an episode starts, I know what it will be about and I’ll say “Oh look, it’s the episode where … “ and then I look around and I’m the only one in the room.  I don’t see what the big deal about Tyler’s hair is.  I love when the mom does linguini limbs, and I say “AWW” every single time I see the puppies.  I’m telling you, I’ve seen every episode.

I’ve been known to enjoy an episode of Jessie.  I rarely say Jessie without saying “Hey Jessie!”  If you’ve heard the theme song, then you know what I mean.  Now that I think about it I do get a good laugh from Luke’s antics, Emma’s superficial comments, and Bertram’s silly jokes about being lazy.  I can’t say for sure what my favorite episode is, but I’ve seen them all a few times.

I absolutely love Austin and Ally.  That’s another one that rarely comes on anymore.  That’s ok though because I’m pretty sure I have all the episodes memorized.  As soon an episode starts, my daughter reminds me that I promised I wouldn’t sing anymore.  As they do with all of their shows, Disney has really defined each of the characters’ personalities, from Dez’s cluelessness to Trish’s work ethic, or lack thereof.  I’m pretty sure my kids are sick of me making a Helen Show reference whenever I see Ellen Degeneres.  Usually, the last episode of a series fails to deliver, especially for a kid’s show, but the two-part series finale was actually really good.  You won’t be surprised when I mention that my favorite parts were when Austin and Ally sang Two in a Million and the Helen Show segments.  They nailed it right down to the dance moves.  If you don’t watch Austin and Ally, go look it up on YouTube.  You’ll laugh, I promise.

When I was a kid, I used to watch Boy Meets World, so of course, I always make sure to see Girl Meets World.  The dynamic between Corie and Topanga is the same as it was when they were kids.  I love how they brought back some of the characters from Boy Meets World.  The flashback scenes where Riley and Maya actually enter the scene are outstanding.  It’s a genuine glimpse into the past.  Those scenes get my daughter asking a bunch of questions that start with “when you were a kid…” and they usually are asked in multiples of at least 10.

K.C. Undercover is okay.  It took a while of it being on in the background before I would actually watch it.  As the mom of a daughter, what I really like about it is that K.C. is a strong, confident young woman.  It’s not very realistic because everyone in her family is a spy and she has a robot sister.  Then again, neither is a dog that talks so who am I to judge?  Ernie and Judy are both entertaining and funny.  I will often blurt out “Don’t get all up in my grill again” or “What is goin’ on?” and my kids know exactly what I am talking about.  They roll their eyes or just flat out ignore me, which is usually exactly what they do when they understand just what I am saying.

One last show that I’ve seen many times is Liv & Maddie.  It can’t be all that bad because I can pretty much describe every episode so far.  I don’t know if I actually like to watch it because I spend the whole time trying to tell when Dove Cameron is in the shot and when it’s her double.  I still can’t tell.  It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s tolerable.  Once in a while, I’ll sing out “Sing it loud” or shout “Bam – What” just for the fun of it.

Well, now I’ve told my dirty little secret. I’m not ashamed to admit it!  I’m a 40-year-old mom and I like to watch The Disney Channel. Please tell me I’m not alone.  In my defense, it wasn’t intentional.  The shows just sort of grew on me.  One day I despised them, and the next day I was singing the theme songs.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  Now, if I could just catch up on The Real Housewives.

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