About Random Chaos Mom

New year, new start. Right? I’ve never really believed that. I’ve always considered New Year’s Day to be just like any other day. I figured if I wanted a new start, I don’t need a special day. Well folks, this year is different. I don’t know why – but it is. As a mom of 3 with almost 40 years under my belt, I feel like I have a lot of great information and experience to share. ┬áLast year I finally decided to begin the process with the start of Random Chaos Mom. It seemed great except I felt like there was a piece missing. I was leaving out a major part of my life. Fibromyalgia. So here I go documenting my journey once again. I’ve scoured the internet looking for any information I can find to try and make living with fibro easier. If there is anything, besides more pills, that can make daily life easier, I’m going to try it. If it works, I will certainly write about it so that someone else can benefit. I’ll be honest. Living with fibromyalgia sucks. It prevents me from being the person that I want to be. It prevents me from being the mom that I want to be. Good luck to anyone who lives with a struggle. I hope my journey will inspire someone, the way that I’ve been inspired by others.